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Free Fly Tying Demonstrations at Little River Outfitters...a lasting tradition.

We have been holding Free Fly Tying Demonstrations at Little River Outfitters for almost 20 years. In fact, we hold lots of free events for our customers to enjoy. Our Free Fly Tying Demonstrations are held during the Winter on Saturdays. We may have one, two or three on any given day.

It gives people something to do when the weather is bad and fishing may be slow.

You don’t have to be a fly tyer to get a lot out of these Saturday events. You will be talking to expert anglers. You can ask questions and learn about fishing specific rivers or lakes.

These small events last for 4 hours, between 10 am and 2 pm. They are subject to be called off due to snow or ice storms. But, for the most part, they happen, as scheduled.

If you are coming, and bad weather is looming, check our fishing report to make sure the event has not been canceled.

Just show up at the shop, grab a fresh cup of coffee, warm up by the fireplace then sit down to enjoy and learn. It will certainly be worth your time and be beneficial to your fly fishing in the future.

Free Fly Tying Demonstration Schedule 2018

Saturday January 6, 2018- 10 am - 2 pm - Jack Gregory

JACK GREGORY - Jack is one of my closest friends. He grew up in Walland, just down the road from Townsend. He has spent most of his life, fly fishing the Smoky Mountains. He is known for catching big brown trout. What you may not know is, Jack has traveled all over America fly fishing, and has a passion and lots of experience, fishing for permit in Belize. He and I have traveled and fished together for 20 years. We do a lot of smallmouth bass fly fishing in this area too. We have also fished together in the Gulf, many times, fly fishing for tarpon and anything that swims in the ocean.

Saturday January 13, 2018 - 10 am - 2 pm - Melissa and David Harrell

DAVID HARRELL - Dave currently works as a Natural Resource Manager for Tennessee Valley Authority-with a background in wildlife/fisheries management and outdoor recreation. Dave began fly tying in 1994, after taking a beginning fly tying course at the Creel in Knoxville. 

He has developed several of his own patterns. The Harrell's Sulfur Soft- Hackle was published in a Trout South newsletter with a feature on soft-hackle flies. Dave has a passion for instructing. He has conducted several fly tying demonstrations at TU chapter meetings.
Dave is a lead instructor in the Clinch River Trout Unlimited Chapter's annual beginners fly tying course. Likewise, co-instructing for fly tying classes for Project Healing Waters. Dave and his wife Melissa teach a fly fishing course for Roane State Community College.

MELISSA HARRELL - Melissa is Dave’s prettier, better half and also an accomplished fly tier in her own right.  She and Dave will be demonstrating how to tie their beautiful and effective trout flies.Melissa served as the Vice President for the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited for 3 years and was chosen this year to be the Women's Initiative Chair for the state of Tennessee.  Also, she coordinated the first Woman On The Water program and  held  the 4th annual event in September. 

Saturday January 20, 2017 - 10 am - 2 pm - Jimmy Jones & Ken McClain

JIMMY JONES - Jimmy is a novice, self-taught, fly tier from Maryville, TN.  He has been tying trout flies for fun and personal use since moving to East Tennessee in the mid ‘70s.  The flies that he does not leave in the trees on the sides of the streams in the GSMNP are typically shared with his family and friends.  He primarily fishes with his son and brother in the Tremont and Abrams Creek areas of the GSMNP.

Jimmy will demonstrate a couple of flies that use a variety of tying techniques and materials.  One will be his version of the “Yellow Never Sink Caddis.”  He selected this fly to tie because of its simple construction and because it is one of the most productive year-round flies where he and his son usually fish.

The second fly that he will be demonstrating is a fly he recently discovered while browsing for tying videos on-line.  The “Hatch-Master with Wally Wings” dry fly is an adult mayfly imitation with the tail, the extended body, and wings made from barred water foul flank feathers; and the thorax and legs are made from CDC puffs.

"I've seen these flies. They are definately Smoky Mountain trout catchers. That is the best looking Neversink Ive seen." Byron

KEN MCCLAIN - Ken is a novice to the art of fly tying and fly fishing.  He is a veteran and active member of Project Healing Waters, and Clinch River Trout Unlimited.  He has attended the CRTU Beginner and Intermediate fly tying courses, and fly fishing workshops presented by skilled members of CRTU to cultivate his skills in both fly tying and fly fishing.

Ken regularly takes advantage of any opportunity to promote his passion for fly tying by giving demonstrations so that others may also find interest in the art . He has tied flies for donation to Casting For Recovery, and through CRTU volunteered to show kids how to tie flies during this past June's free fishing day. His favorite fly is the Wally-winged Hatch master.

Saturday January 27, 2018 - 10 am - 2 pm - John Oody & Patrick Fulkrod

JON OODY - Jon Oody grew up in East Tennessee and started fly fishing when he was eleven years old. He primarily fly fished in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the backwaters of lakes in our area. After high school, he moved to Colorado and became a professional guide, learning everything about trout, pike and carp, that he could.

Jon moved back to Tennessee and started guiding on our local tailwaters. He became interested in conventional tackle again and also guides fishermen for stripers and warmwater species on the lakes. You can visit his website by CLICKING HERE.

PATRICK FULKROD - Patrick is a local to Bristol and has been fly fishing since age ten. 2017 will represent Patrick's 11th year guiding. Patrick brings a lineup of credentials and accomplishments to his resume including national recognition as the 2014 Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year. Patrick was also recognized as a 2012, 2013, and 2015 Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year Finalist, 2007 Graduate of the Western Rivers Professional Guide School, Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide since 2007, and a Clackacraft Drift Boat’s Pro Staff Member. Patrick's favorite method to catch a trout is on a #20 midge.
You can visit his website by CLICKING HERE.

Saturday February 3, 2018- 10 am - 2 pm - Josh Pfeiffer & Jayson Alexander

JOSH PFEIFFER - Josh grew up fishing the rivers and lakes in East Tennessee.  He started his guiding career at Blackberry Farm then ventured out on his own as an independent guide.  He spent much of his early guiding career in Great Smoky Mountains National Park targeting trout.

Later he added smallmouth bass to his list of options for clients.  He takes some smallie guests to Little River where they float in his raft.  More often than not, he floats clients down the lower tailwaters in our area in his drift boat.  Josh made a name for himself as a smallmouth bass guide.  Anglers travel here from long distances just to smallmouth fish with Josh.

His smallmouth patterns are deadly and when he opens his fly boxes you can see he spends a lot of time developing new flies that catch fish.

I have fished with Josh many times and learned from each experience.  We have had 100 fish days, twice this year.  Josh also teaches beginner fly fishing at Little River Outfitters.  He is a great guy who you will enjoy meeting and sharing his enthusiasm. - Byron

JAYSON ALEXANDER - Jayson is a student at UT and is in the Smokies when not in class or work. He began fishing young and is a tournament bass fisherman convert. He made the switch to fly fishing about 6 years ago and tying soon after that. Being an art student he took naturally to tying and really pays attention to the details and making durable flies. Most of what he knows comes from watching the local masters from Walter Babb to Josh Pfeiffer or David Knapp with a little bit of his own spin on things.

Little River is Jayson’s home water and trout has been his primary species to target until the last couple years. He has come full circle on the bass and loves chasing smallies all over East Tennessee. Jayson ties all his own flies for whatever species he may be after including cork poppers. Whether it’s old school trout flies your grandaddy may have used or some sort of streamer concoction from new synthetic materials, you can expect a little of everything. Being a student, budget is huge when coming up with materials. If you’re a college student and trying to tie on the cheap, Jayson may have some useful information.

Saturday February 10, 2018- 10 am - 2 pm - Mike Wallace & Tradd Little

MIKE WALLACE - I have been tying flies for around 30 years. I fish in the mountains of East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and the tail waters of the Holston and Watauga rivers. I tie many different types of flies, but I really enjoy tying flies that are at least 50 years old. I also enjoy fishing wet flies, and using them in tandem with dry flies. I tie a lot of flies for my friends, and I have some of them tying flies.

Biography:  I am a middle school teacher. I teach the eighth grade. I teach Science and math. I have a beautiful wife of 25 years.

TRADD LITTLE - Tradd began tying flies in 2013 at the age of eleven when he received a Wapsi fly tying starter kit as a gift. He is self-taught and learned by studying fly tying books and watching fly tying videos. He can tie any traditional pattern and has also created numerous patterns of his own.

Tradd ties everything from fully dressed salmon flies and large streamers down to tiny trout flies on hook sizes in the 20s. He loves all things related to bugs, feathers, fur, and fishing.

Tradd is on the Pro Teams for Partridge of Redditch, Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers, Flymen Fishing Company, and Lagartun Premium Fly Tying Materials. He has been a featured fly tyer, demonstrator, or instructor at many fly fishing shows, retail stores, and clubs including the International Fly Tying Symposium, the Fly Fishing Show, the Sowbug Roundup, the IFFF Southern and Southeastern Council Fly Fishing Fairs, the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival, the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Expo, Fly Tyers Weekend, Little River Outfitters, Cabelas, Orvis, and Trout Unlimited. He has also taught entomology and fly tying lessons at a local Children’s Museum and elementary school. You can see pictures of a sampling of his flies and pattern recipes at

Saturday February 17, 2018 - 10 am - 2 pm - Steve Brown, Will Davis & Buzz Buffington

STEVE BROWN - Steve started tying about 2000 after a TU chapter program on soft hackle flies; they were some of the buggiest looking flies ever, and were not readily available commercially.  Since, he has been an instructor at every chapter fly-tying course for the last 16 or so years, and has also instructed for Project Healing Waters fly tying classes for the last five years.  He is well-known in Tennessee as a user and tyer of soft hackle flies.

Steve has served as president of the Clinch River chapter of Trout Unlimited, Tennessee Council chair, and Tennessee representative to the National Leadership Council, as well as an active volunteer for Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery.

WILL DAVIS - Will first started tying flies in February of 2017 after one of his friends showed him some flies he tied. He attended Smoky Mountain Trout Camp during the summer of 2017 and watching the demonstrations at camp boosted his interest in the practice. He loves to tie anything from classic catskills to modern realistics, and would love to share tips and tricks he has picked up along the way.

BUZZ BUFFINGTON - Buzz grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho and started fly fishing in Bureau of Reclamation Reservoirs. He tied his first fly at age 14, a red ant made of red balloon strips wrapped on a hook. Buzz went to college at the U. of Idaho in northern Idaho and started fishing for trout in streams and rivers. He caught his first steelhead on a fly in the Clearwater River near Lewiston, Idaho.

Buzz and family moved east in 1968 to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Va., to do graduate work in Wildlife Biology. He went to work for the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1972, planning to work for TVA for a couple of years then return west. He helped start Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Buzz retired from TVA in the mid 90’s and began doing volunteer work. For the past 5 years he has worked with Project healing Waters Fly Fishing, a national nonprofit dedicated to the emotional and physical rehabilitation of disabled active duty military personnel or veterans through fly fishing, fly tying, rod building and outings. Buzz was the Featured Fly Tier in the August/September 2017 Edition of of Southern Trout.

Saturday February 24, 2018 - 10 am - 2 pm - Bill Boyd Sr. & Bill Boyd Jr.

BILL BOYD JR - a.k.a. “Nick” is a member of the Dubbing Teasers Fly Tying Team.  Nick has written product review articles for Fly Fish America Magazine and is a member of Trout Unlimited Appalachian Chapter.  He is also a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers.  
He ties a variety of Nymphs, Streamers, and Dry Fly patterns for Trout as well as assorted warm water species.  

His signature fly, the Tennessee Stonefly Nymph, has been showcased in Fly Tyer and Fly Fish America Magazines.  He also enjoys demonstrating the creation of a realistic spider pattern.  His diversity in tying flies is particularly popular with spectators at his demonstrations, and some have remarked;  “There is never a dull moment watching Bill demonstrate his skills.” 

BILL BOYD SR. - a.k.a. “Knack”, is the elder member of the Dubbing Teasers Fly Tying Team.  Knack is a Member of Trout Unlimited Appalachian Chapter.  His signature fly, the “Hiwassee Streamer” has been showcased in Fly Fish America Magazine

He is also known for tying the “Toilet Tank Floater” , “Knack’s Mudbug” (Crawfish Pattern) and Striking Dragonfly Patterns.  He is interested in combining natural and synthetic materials to produce strike- triggering elements in his flies.  In addition to being known for his inventive fly tying techniques, Knack’s mechanical inventions are often conversation pieces. 

His “Natural Light Simulator,” that demonstrates how changing light actually produces color changes in nymphs under water, has been received with great interest and enthusiasm. 

Saturday March 3, 2018 - 10 am - 2 pm - Walter Babb

WALTER BABB - Walter Babb grew up, fly fishing the Southern Appalachian trout streams, and has traveled extensively to other states, to fish. His tenure as a fly fisherman dates back nearly 60 years. He is considered an expert on the subject of this sport, in our region. He spent many years tying flies to sell, when he was younger. He has been teaching fly tying and fly fishing at Little River Outfitters for nearly 20 years. We consider Walter a walking encyclopedia on fly fishing for trout, mainly due to his vast knowledge and very good memory. He is a very friendly and good man, who you will enjoy meeting and spending your time with this Saturday.

Today, Walter still teaches at the LRO school, but most of his time spent working, is devoted to his bamboo fly rod making business. He is a very well known maker, whose rods are sought after by many in America. Walter lives in Sweetwater, Tennessee.  

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